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DMC Medical Centre returns to phone consultations only (as initial point of contact) during COVID-19 pandemic

Unfortunately due to the current increase in transmission of COVID in Sydney, we have decided to return to phone & telehealth consults only. We are not able to book any patient in directly for onsite appointments (which have also been disabled on our online appointment service) and all consultations will initially be conducted over the phone with your doctor. If you require an onsite appointment and your doctor has assessed that it is safe to do so, then your doctor will book you in for an appointment themselves. Phone consultations are able to be booked by our online appointment service (via our website or Hot Doc) and is the preferred way to do this as possible to save you from having to try to get through to our receptionists by phone (our phones are much busier than normal).
We will also be asking all patients to wear a mask (if you have one) if you are required to attend our practice for the duration of your visit. We appreciate that not everyone has masks and whilst it is not manditory at the moment to wear them in public, we ask that masks are worn at DMC if at all possible in the best interests of other patients and staff of the practice.
If you bring a carer or an additional person with you, we will ask you to register their name & phone number. Hopefully we will not need this for contact tracing purposes in the future, but it is important that we keep these records just in case.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but truly appreciate your support during this difficult and constantly changing time. We look forward to a time when everything can go back to normal and this becomes a distant memory!

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