DMC COVID-19 Pandemic Response


 Bulk Billed Telephone and Telehealth appointments are now available for all patients at DMC!

All consultations are now being conducted by our doctors by phone, and patients will only be booked for a face to face consult onsite, if your doctor books you in for one after a telephone consult. All patients will be triaged in this manner prior to being permitted to attend the practice to ensure the safety of all patients and staff at the practice. This includes for flu and childhood vaccines, as well as any procedures. Please a telehealth appointment online or call us on 02 9819 6666 for assistance. 

If you have any of the following symptoms:



sore throat

runny nose

Please do not attend the practice. You will be eligible for a telephone or telehealth appointment (including for Workers Compensation patients) so please either call us on 9819 6666 to book, or book a telephone appointment online via our online booking facility (on this website).

Phone Consults & Triage Prior To Attending The Practice

At DMC we are working hard to ensure the safety of all patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are working towards the majority of consultations being conducted by telephone, and reserve face to face appointments only for those that are well, and ideally have been triaged over the phone by a doctor first.

For patients that have been self isolated or quarantined

If you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days or have been required by the government to self-isolate, you must not break self isolation and attend the practice. As this is now a requirement by law, if anyone breaches self isolation and attends our practice in person, we are required to and will report this to Crime Stoppers Australia.

We take the safety of our staff and community very seriously and are currently putting in measures to ensure the safest possible environment to work in and also attend. Some measures we are putting in place are:

  • Constant monitoring of the latest updates and reports from the Department of Health, NSW Health, the local Public Health Unit, CESPHN, RACGP, AMA, World Health Organisation, and Avant
  • Hand sanitiser stationed everywhere with all patients and staff encouraged to use it frequently. Our clinical staff use it before and after each patient as well as washing their hands with hospital grade cleanser regularly
  • Continual cleaning of the practice with disposable hospital grade disinfectant wipes, in accordance with a dedicated cleaning roster
  • Personal protective equipment worn by staff wherever appropriate
  • Social distance measures have been put in place both in the waiting area, at reception, and other areas of the practice
  • Telephone and telehealth consults being utilised as much as possible
  • Any patients with upper respiratory symptoms are not permitted to attend the practice in person, and are encouraged to access telephone consults instead (either bulk billed or private, whatever is most appropriate)
  • Immediate isolation of any staff member who experiences any upper respiratory symptoms until their symptoms resolve (or are cleared to return to work if required to be tested)
  • Reporting of any patient who breaches self-isolation orders to Crime Stoppers (and ensuring they are warned before they leave home to prevent this from occurring)

We will continue to update this information as it becomes available.

Incoming Phone Calls

Please be aware that at this stage, our phone lines are ringing constantly and our staff are doing their absolute best to answer them as quickly as possible. Delays are possible at times, however there is immense pressure for our staff and we ask that all patients be respectful and kind to our staff at all times.

COVID-19 Resources

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